Tantalizing Opportunities
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    Franchising with Veyron offers tantalizing opportunities


    The fast food (quick service) retailing market in GCC is estimated to be worth US$10.9  Billion in 2018   This is driven by factors such as a steady growth in per capita income, a growing young population and increased multi-culturalism (Source: Al Masah Research, Gulf News 17/12/15)..  Dubai is a global crossroads capitalizing on an increase in global travel and attracting tourists from around the world with disposable income.  85% of its residents are expatriates (source?) with a sustained expectation, for a wide range of goods and services.  In UAE, the Dirham is pegged to the US Dollar making UAE a business friendly environment where foreign investors can predict and track their expenses. 


    Veyron has a dominate franchising business model and successful Franchisees can earn record profits.  The Veyron franchising model is suitable for those seeking a quick service, food and beverages investment immediately available in a tried and tested format.  Franchising popular brand fast food restaurants is a favorite investment vehicle for entrepreneurs, celebrities, business owners and you can also participate in this market.  Our Franchisees often have limited business expertise but are keen to have their own business.   All you need is enthusiasm and the vision to succeed and Veyron will guide you to make it a reality. 


    Franchising can be scaled according to the number of outlets desired.  Excellence in service operations management depends on the best inputs and Veyron ensure Franchisees receive complete support to provide this.   Local companies can acquire the technical knowledge and expertise of foreign partners in operating food services businesses at minimum risk.  With a strong network of contacts, and the considerable retail  management experience of our Shareholders, we can give the Franchisee a ‘kick-start’ and propell them into a winning pattern right from the Starting Line.   






Veyron Winning Formula
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    Veyron maintain strong teams of professional support staff at our Dubai (UAE) headquarters who deliver:  


    • Operational Management – this expertise is provided through the Operations Manual drawing from years of retail experience. Veyron’s team can consult on the full business operation of your outlets.Professionally designed menus and promotional leaflets are supplied to you at the starting grid.Once you have identified potential sites, Veyron will advise on the best choices for locations of your outlets.Prime commercial properties may have high rents.   We can guide you which will be the best investment according to our franchise criteria. We will advise on fit out of interiors and the plan layout of the equipment in outlets.Veyron has strong supply chain infrastructure and will give you access to established suppliers for equipment and ingredients.Importantly Veyron team are on standby to support with any required adjustments to cost control and quality which may be necessary.


    • Comprehensive Training – In Veyron outlets there is a focus on building skilled human capital.  Staff are highly trained in a narrow range of specific tasks to ensure maximum productivity and consistent quality.  Training should be sustained by regularly revisiting the brand’s service hallmarks and the food handling regulations.  A strong correlation is recognized between low staff turnover and high customer satisfaction.  Veyron believe training is the way to keep talented staff engaged and prepare them for the visit of the ‘mystery shopper’


    • Sales Development Strategy – Veyron’s team at Head Office can support here to help Franchisees identify attractive new customer groups and  opportunities to drive up daily sales.  For example we can help you target the ‘take to consume at home’ segment. Veyron will help you compete with competition and win business.


    • Marketing – well-planned global marketing campaigns are rolledout to the Franchisees so you can benefit from global best practice in your own outlets.   You do not need to invest in a marketing specialist and you will witness the rapid results of successfully executed social media campaigns


    • Trademarked Material – You can be assured that the logo for each brand in our portfolio has been professionally trademeark registered for use in UAE (?& KSA).  All the sales material provided (menu, flyer, signage) clearly show the recognizable  logo of the franchises brand available, just as they would in Canada & USA.  This is a globally recognised logo with its own equity, has been built up by years of successful branding in North America and you will be immediately able to leverage that.Trademark rights and licenses will be granted for the franchisee to benefit from, the trademarks can be used on all the branding materials.




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    Veyron's Experienced ‘Trackside’ Team


    Professional staff who are seasoned in service operations management, are responsible for day–to-day running of the franchises.They are empowered to deputize for Franchisee and will work proactively to deliver our company vision.We manage by exception, and our team of experienced Shareholders can consult to give Franchisee  a super-efficient strategy ‘pit stop’ to adapt as required on their retail journey.


    Franchise Responsibility:
    Initial Franchise Fee
    Finding best locations
    Leasehold Improvement & Equipment
    Hiring Employees and Operating Restaurants
    Paying the due royality fees and advertising fund to the franchisor.
    Adhere to the branding and social media guideline and policy.
    Veyron Support System:
    Site selection
    Outlet layout design
    Cost control and qulaity through established and approved supplies.
    Equipment and ingredients suppliers
    Store operation and Business Consulting Support
    Kick off marketing and promotional material such as brochures and menu
    full marketing support throught online marketing including professional designed social-media compaigns.
    Comprehensive head quaters-based and on-site training.