The Laws of Ultimate Brand Franchising

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Laws of Ultimate Brand Franchising

By Nathen Mazri


The franchising system has solved the problem for brand euthanasia. Brands may no longer have a reason to commit suicide in this global cluttered mobilized digital economy if we utilize the creative-efficiency communication formula. Yes, another fancy marketing formula by an imaginary branding expert.  Sue me!

Brand authenticity nurtures the single message. When Coke realized it was losing grounds against its nemesis, Pepsi, Coke decided to revamp, restructure, and reformulate the new product into a “new classic” positioning strategy. This has created authenticity for Coke and made the rest of the rivals look evidently unauthentic. You see the new glass classic bottle today reinforcing the heritage of the brand. Simply creative! That was a universal message that succeeded on all international levels due to brand authenticity powered by a little bit of creative-efficiency and heritage granting Coke ahead of competition and difficult to surpass. The single message for Coke in 1970 was “The Real Thing” which made up its slogan powered by a hefty budget in limited time frame yielded to a brilliant brand positioning due to creative-efficiency communication.

Creative-Efficiency = (Solution x Cost x Time) + Single Message


Creative-Efficiency Communication Formula


Creativity is a problem-solving solution to achieve or produce cost-effective ideas. It is wittiness at its peak. Never has intelligence been so expensive, because if it was, then all of what surrounds us today would have been impossible in a world without solutions. All it takes is to find a single message, which will creatively solve the problem in the market to achieve a brilliant brand communication. The brand must keep true to its credentials and performance, and resonate with the local market by positioning the brand differently in respect to the culture. The same way I may wear a traditional thobe in Riyadh to embrace the nation. Disney sells magic well as Harley Davidson sells freedom, however, both brand in Saudi Arabia must revamp and reframe their single message by keeping true to their brand values. Disney in Saudi Arabia sells fun rather than magic, which is claimed to be against Islam. The brand characteristic “fun” does make up one of the brand values of Disney and still mean magic.

The success of brands on a global scale according to the acclaimed authors, Laura Ries and Al Ries, in their book “The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding” is that a brand must respect the following laws, just to name a few:

  • law of credentials – brand leadership to be the best in one category and most authentic
  • law of category – a brand must be the first in its own category as Heinz is 1st in tomato sauce called, ketchup
  • law of quality – Brand quality resides in the perception of the buyer. High price is a contributing factor
  • law of consistency – a brand is measure din decades, not years. Markets change, but brands shouldn’t.
  • law of singularity – a brand must own a singular idea inside the mind of the customer

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