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    Becoming A Mr Sub Franchise Owner


    Becoming a Mr.Sub franchisee means venturing on a proven track to success. Over the last four decades, hundreds of individuals determined to take control of their destiny have joined our national network of franchisees.

    To do this, they had to make a commitment of money, time and effort. In return, they received all the benefits of owning a business with a strong brand, backed by extensive training and support from the Mr.Sub management team.

    Benefits Of Owning A Mr.Sub


    There are a lot of reasons for investing in your own Mr.Sub restaurant. As a Mr.Sub franchisee, you:


    Own and manage your own business for a reasonable investment.

    Control your success, based on your effort and hard work.

    Benefit from an established brand, a concept adaptable to various settings and proven operational procedures.

    Maintain your independence but at the same time, have access to a solid corporate support team.

    Leverage a national marketing program that includes some of the best advertising in the industry.

    Reduce the risks and challenges of starting a business. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to set up your location in a complete “turnkey” manner.

    Maintain a competitive edge through Mr.Sub’s ongoing focus on offering a core menu of exceptional menu items while incorporating new and innovative products.

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    Do You Have What It Takes


    A franchise-based business is a shared commitment. Just as you need to make sure you’re making the right investment, we need to be certain that every member of our team is the right fit for Mr.Sub.

    This is critical to both our successes, and to ensuring our customers are always satisfied when they visit a Mr.Sub. 


    While our franchisees have come from every walk of life and from different corners of the globe, they all share a number of common traits:


    – Commitment to customer service

    – A strong desire to work for themselves and control their future

    – Strong communication skills

    – Willingness and ability to learn

    – Excellent leadership skills

    – A great team player who believes in advancing our mutual goals

    – Someone who can bring both talent and commitment to the table while operating within a proven system and structure.


    Does this sound like you? If so, then we invite you to learn more about becoming a Mr.Sub franchisee by filling out the Request For Consideration Form by clciking Apply Now or send us an email: 


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    Training & Support


    Mr.Sub offers an in-class and restaurant training program teaching the skills necessary to become a successful Mr.Sub franchisee.


    You will receive ongoing training on:


    – Business and Human Resources Management

    – Merchandising products in your restaurant for maximum appeal

    – Stock and inventory management

    – Developing and executing local marketing initiatives

    – Maintaining your restaurant and minimizing repair costs

    – Food safety procedures


    In addition to training, you will receive on-going operational support from a regional Business Development Manager responsible for analyzing your business, helping drive sales, maintaining system compliance and working in partnership with you to help overall profitability and success of your restaurant.

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    The Mr.Sub marketing department provides on-going support with national promotions and local store marketing initiatives. Access to a dedicated online resource portal with pre-approved, customizable artwork and tactics to help drive average ticket, increase frequency and trial and traffic into your restaurant.


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    Mr. Sub is an upscale concept that fits a niche between fast food and casual dining offering the customer the best benefits of both segments. Mr. Sub also offers a fresher and tastier alternative to typical fried fast food products.

    The goal of “Mr. Sub” is to provide healthy sandwiches in a clean, urban environment, and at a reasonable price. Mr. Sub has taken the Fast Food segment by storm by producing a better product than its competitors, and at a moderately low price. 

    Investment Summary:
     Size  of Store (Sq.ft.)
     Franchise Fee
     550  - 700
     280,000 - 315,000 USD
     Over 25%
     15,000 USD