Veyron Investment

Veyron Investment take their name from the fastest engine in the world with accelerated performance in the region's exceptionally growing franchising industry. Veyron introduces popular brands from North America to the Middle East.

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Establish strong innovative presence as an international fast food & beverages franchisee group in the GCC & Middle East.


Provide forward-thinking value to customers, partners, and shareholders in today's digital mobile culttered economy in terms of creative brand portfolio, service, and experience


Inspire our franchisees with our lively continued education through our Veyron Family Support System conducted by experienced operations and training people


Mr. Sub, originally called Mr. Submarine before the 1990s, is a chain of 335 submarine sandwich shops in Canada.

Jugo Juice was founded in 1998 in Calgary, Alberta with the goal to offer consumers a healthy & delicious alternative to mainstream fast food.

Since 1919, Van Houtte has been a coffee pioneer, perfecting roasting methods and guiding bean lovers in the discovery of great coffees.

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Sunday, December 4th 2016 – Veyron Investment headquarters in Dubai...

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Hayssam El-Masri, Founder and President of Sharjah Oasis Real Estate...

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By Nathen Mazri   The franchising system has solved the problem for...

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